Dreaming of Dinner musings

Pickled veggie platter at the Corinthian Club in Glasgow

I am obsessed about dinner.

Every morning, without fail, I ask my husband, “What do you want for dinner?”. He knows that whatever his response, I will take that information under consideration when ultimately deciding what I’m going to cook.

Will it be research into how to make Ethiopian injura? Will a simple slow cooker recipe suffice? Am I craving a little spice in my cask iron grilled fajitas?

These ponderings fill my head before we get up at 5.00am and the first dark roasted brew of coffee is made.

I am thankful that I work from home and I have the opportunity to fit into my work day a trip to my favourite food producers and stores. I realize this luxury is not available to everyone and I love the ability to shop “European style” by buying only the items which will be part of my dinner preparations.

When I going hiking on the beautiful trails which Vancouver Island has to offer, my thoughts and conversations during my walks with friends usually revolve around what they are planning to cook for dinner.

I’m now thinking of what’s for dinner …again.

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